Click Enter Sales from either the dashboard or the menu launch.

  • Click the ‘Add Item’ button to select the item, apply tax where applicable, then Add to populate on the sales front
  • Select date of transaction.
  • Apply Discount if need be
  • Select Payment type and Select a Customer name (this would be mandatory if the customer will owe you. You can make a quick add of a customer. (Use the Payment On Receivables window to receive further payment from the customer)
  • Enter the Amount paid
  • Click on Save & do a print out or send as Email. You can also Hold/Cancel a sale if you so wish
  • Click the ‘Sales List’ from the menu to see all sales transaction made..


Pend/Hold a Sale.

Where you wish to Pend/Hold a Sale, this can be due to a number of reasons or Cancel to erase the entries. All Pend/Held sales populates on the On Hold Sales on the menu launch. To call up the On-Hold Sales:

  • Click On Hold Sales from the menu
  • Double click on the sales you wish to recall and make some adjustments if necessary
  • Save to print out the receipt or email to the customer.

Payment On Receivable

To receive further payment from your Customer who owe you, click on Payment on Receivable from the menu:


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