Record  your Sales Transaction

  1. Click on the enter sales icon on the dashboard or select enter sales/quotation from the main menu.
  2. Click the Add Item button to select the item, apply tax and enter the quantity to be sold > Click Add to populate on the sales front.
  3. Select a customer (this is compulsory when making a credit sales) > Click on the Calender icon to select your Date of Transaction
  4. Select the payment type.
  5. Apply a discount in % as this populates the discount amount
  6. If customer has loyalty amount, the edit the loyalty amount you can to apply on the invoice.
  7. Enter the amount paid by the customer. When the paid amount exceeds the amount to be paid, the Change tab shows the difference.
  8. Tick the compute customer loyalty button – this will calculate loyalty point for the customer.
  9. Click on Sell to save & print out the sales invoice using a Mobile Bluetooth Printer and also send out the invoice via email/whatsapp or click Cancel to erase entry.

Video guide – How to record sales invoice

Video guide – How to delete a sales invoice