After creating your profile follow the steps below to get started

Step 1 – Set up your items

  • From the main menu, click on Items & Purchases, select click on Item Info & Management
  • Click on Create item – Enter necessary details of the item (Name, purchase rate, sales rate, opening quantity & re-order level)
  • Select the item type (either product or service)
  • Click Add to list.
  • Repeat the processes above if you have more than one item to create.
  • Click Save

Step 2 – Set up your Customer list

  • Click on Sales & Customers from the menu
  • Select customer info & management > click on Create Customer
  • Enter details of the customer (Name, Email, Phone number And Address)
  • Click Add to list.
  • Repeat the processes above to add more than one customer.
  • Click Save

Step 3 – Record your first sales

  • From the main menu, click on Sales & Customer, select New Sale & Quotation
  • Click on Make a Sale


  • Enter select your Date of Transaction, Customer, Payment type and select sales as the Transaction type
  • Click the Add Item button to select the item, apply tax and enter the quantity to be sold
  • Apply a discount in % as this populates the discount amount
  • Enter the amount received from the customer.
  • Click on Save or Save and Generate Invoice (This creates a preview of the invoice, click on print to download a pdf format ) or click Clear to erase the sale details


To view or delete your recorded sales

  • Click on Sales & Customer from the main menu, select Sales & Quotation List
  • Click on the manage icon to view sales details or delete a  recorded sale

Step 4 – Set up your Expense Classes & Record your Expenses

To create an expense class

  • Click Expense Class from the menu then click on new expense class
  • Enter the name and description of your expense
  • Click Add to list then click Save


Record your expenses

  • Click Expenses from the menu
  • Select the expense class and enter the bill amount of the expense
  • Select the vendor, payment type and enter amount paid
  • Click Add to list then click Save

Step 5 –  View your Profit or Loss Report

To view the profitability of your business

  • Click on Report from the main menu,  select Profit and Loss Report
  • Set your desired time range