Are you a small  production/manufacturing company struggling with record keeping?

Smart shop will help you put up a simple bookkeeping system around your production process.

The following processes will help you get started

  1. Set-up your raw materials as a product type – enter the purchase rate, sales rate (enter zero as sales rate if you do not resell your raw materials), opening quantity and re-order level. Learn how to add items
  2.  Set-up your finished goods as as a product type-  enter the purchase rate (enter zero as purchase rate), sales rate, opening quantity (if any) and re-order level.
  3. After finishing a batch of production, your raw materials should be adjusted  to the current quantity available. This means reducing the the raw materials by the number of raw materials used up during the production process on the stock adjustment menu. Learn how to record a stock adjustment.
  4. Adjust the quantity of  the finished good to reflect the number of products produced. This means increasing the finished goods by the number of products produced on the stock adjustment menu.
  5. When selling select your finished products and change the sales rate as desired. Learn how to record sales.
  6. Use the purchase window to record purchases of your raw materials and change the purchase rate as appropriate. Learn how to record item purchases.
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