There are two ways of applying loyalty points

  • Loyalty point can be applied when raising an invoice for a customer. This means that the points earned by the customer can be applied on the invoice to serve as discount.

Follow the steps below

  • Click on enter sales from on the dashboard.
  • Click on Add item to select the items your customer wishes to buy.
  • Select the customer name, payment type and date.
  • After a customer is selected, the accumulated loyalty value is displayed you can then proceed to change the loyalty value to be used on the invoice.
  • You can proceed to enter the balance paid.
  • Click on Sell


The second method is pay up the loyalty point in cash.

  • Click on Customers from the main menu.
  • Select the customer you want to pay.
  • Select customer loyalty and click on the refresh icon to see the updated loyalty balance.
  • Enter amount to be paid and save.

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