The reward set-up comes in two forms which are loyalty reward and referral reward. The loyalty reward is designed to reward your customers for their continued patronage. While the referral reward is earned when your customer refers your business to another person and the person ended up patronising your business.

  • Select Start Selling with Smart Shop Wildfire on the Dashboard or select Smart Shop Wildfire from the main menu.

  •  Click on Loyalty Setup.
  • Enter percentage for customer loyalty per invoice –The set percentage is calculated on every invoice generated to your customer.
  • Enter percentage for customer referral per order – The set percentage is calculated on every confirmed order generated by referrals by your customer.
  • Enter Amount per point – The amount earned from loyalty or referral will be converted into points.
  • Enter Whatsapp number –  Enter your business whatsapp number (Attach your country code) so that your customers can place orders via whatsapp .

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