A study revealed that a customer has 90% chances of successfully marketing your brand as compared to the 31% success rate of a brand marketer.

This goes to prove that a small business who is burdened with how to create awareness of its brand must find a way to harness the marketing  power hidden in every customer.

To be able to harness the customer’s marketing power, your business must firstly provide a quality product or service with a top notch customer service approach. If you get this right, then you are set to mobilize your customers into promoting your business or brand.

Smart Shop Wildfire has provided businesses with the tool to conveniently help you engage your customer into marketing and promoting your brand/business, we call this feature Customer Hunting Booster. You can attach a commission for every referral made.

How does it work?

1) Set up your online storefront; a catalog featuring images and descriptions) of a your goods for sale).

Click here to learn how to set up your storefront.

2) Define referral reward for each referral made by the affiliate. You have absolute control over the reward set-up and how accumulated referral points of an affiliate will be redeemed.  Our application computes the referral reward upon confirmation of order by the store owner.

Learn how to set referral reward.

3) Generate a referral link  and share the link via social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter e.t.c. to each affiliate . The referral link is unique to the affiliate who wants to refer your business.

Learn how to generate referral links.

4) Your affiliates share their referral link on their various social media platforms.

5) Get notified via email when orders are placed , confirm and convert orders to invoices. The referral reward is computed when the order confirmed or converted in an invoice.

Learn about converting orders

6) View the referral reward balance of your affiliate.

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