The Smart shop Wild Fire customer loyalty reward management feature works to properly manage your business customer loyalty program by tracking and awarding loyalty points earned by customers.

The essence of rewarding is to encourage repeat patronage of your business.

Follow the steps after creating your smart shop profile

Step 1 – Click on Start Selling with Smart Shop Wildfire on the Dashboard

Step 2 – Click on Setup to define your business loyalty reward percentage

  • Enter percentage for customer loyalty per invoice.
  • Enter Amount per point.

Step 3 – Compute loyalty when recording a sales invoice

Select enter sales on the dashboard to record a sales invoice & compute loyalty points on the invoice based on your defined loyalty percentage (turn on the compute loyalty button).

Step 4 – When recording another sales invoice for the customer, apply accumulated loyalty points on as a discount.

Step 5 – Send your customer a virtual loyalty card on any social media platform of your choice.

  • Click on Start Selling with Smart Shop Wildfire on the Dashboard
  • Click on Share customer loyalty card, select the customer and send.

This is another great reason for you to join the Wild Fire train! 

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