Customer loyalty is an emotional attachment between a brand and its customers. It is also the feeling that prompts  to always patronise a particular brand over others brands regardless of  the circumstance.

1. Good Customer Service Experience

I am sure you have the heard the saying which says  “you only get one chance to make a first impression. This statement is not just limited to individuals but it can be applied to businesses. Poor customer service experience can be a great turn off for customers. Have your customer representatives well trained to handle any customer related issues professional and also attend to customer enquiries and complains promptly including those enquiries and complains made on your social media platform.

2. Choose the right communication channel

Send out information about new products or service, promotional offers, newly added features to your customers using their preferred communication channel.

3.Have a Customer loyalty program

In order to motivate your customers to continually patronise your business reward them by assigning some loyalty points for every purchase they make. Accumulated loyalty points can be used for as a discount on their next purchase.

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