BUSINESS OWNERS, Have you tried the new feature on the MatSmartShop App?

If you haven’t subscribed to ‘WILD FIRE’’, you are missing out on the sales and customer hunting booster your business needs this 2020 and beyond!

Check out amazing features such as;

1) Virtual Storefront (Online Catalogue): List out your products, including pictures, descriptions, and prices for direct orders sent straight to your associated email WhatsApp line . Share the link via your Instagram bio or other social media platforms for ease of purchase.

2) Referral Marketing:
A high-impact, reward system that would generate huge feedback for your business. Share your Storefront link with existing customers and reward your customers with referral points, only if orders for goods are received from such links shared.

3) Customer Loyalty Reward:
Encourage repeat patronage of your business on the Smart Shop platform with the loyalty reward feature. Loyalty points are automatically awarded to customers who have placed an order for goods via your Storefront, and as a customer keeps buying from you the seller via the Smart Shop App, they accumulate loyalty points which when large enough can be converted to discounts or cash rewards. 

PLEASE NOTE: Only Smart Shop users with an active Premium subscription can access the Wildfire feature.

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