One of the things you might want to do for your business this period is to create an online platform for your business. Beautiful right?

The recent outbreak of the covid-19 has proved that the brick & mortar business model is not effective and efficient in the long-run when evaluating the going concern of a business.

With the Mat Smart Shop Application you do not need worry about scouting for a web developer to design your online store at an high cost. Mat Smart Shop automatically gives you an online store, which is then integrated with your bookkeeping seamlessly. What a great value right?

 A custom link is made available for you when you display your wares on your store front. Via this link, your customers view all your wares, place their orders and make payment directly from the app. There is also a platform you to monitor and track the progress of orders placed by your customers.

Another interesting part of this,  email notification about price slash/ discount on your wares is automatically sent out to your customers.

Great features, low cost.

Hurry now, Download and subscribe to the premium version of the Mat Smart Shop App to get started with less cost.

Go Digital !!!!!

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