We’ve severally been asked questions like e.g. “when will the MatSmartApp be available in desktop version”, “will we be getting the desktop version of MatSmartApp”?

Finally!! the wait is over as we will be launching the desktop version of our app very soon and it is definitely coming with additional features. Are you a store owner with multiple stores?, you have sales agents? you can’t be in your store all the time or you don’t know how to generate sales report? Then you definitely need to be on our waitlist because this desktop version was built for you.

It’s features include:

  • scanning product barcodes
  • quick turnaround in your sales time
  • viewing/accessing your sales transactions info in your physical store from anywhere
  • manage multiple sales point within a store
  • offline sales
  • send invoices and receipts to customers via email for faster and seamless transactions between buyer and seller
  • enables you adjust stock level and notifies you on stock replenishment
  • a simple user interface and intuitive design that makes it easy to navigate and find tools you need quickly
  • get insights from reports on profit, inventory, highest grossing items and customer buying behavior.
  • budget tracking, income expenses and inventory level tracking.

This app is the solution to every entrepreneurs’ nightmares, which is why we encourage that you get this app, you can also refresh our page so you’ll be aware of when we will be launching our desktop version, or you can always follow us on instagram: @Matsmartshopapp

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